Small Box Games is a small board and card game publishing company situated comfortably south of Atlanta, GA.  The compay is run by John Clowdus. 

As a game company, Small Box Games focuses on making high quality, short run hobby games, with a strong emphasis on card games.  All of our games are professionally manufactured in state-side facilities, and feature professional art, high quality cards, custom boxes, and full color rules.  We personally handle the packing and shipping of each and every game we sell.  We take pride in being involved in every step of the process.

Our games are currently available several ways: directly from this site, from Small Box Games at game conventions (and no, we don't attend Essen, like I said, we're small!), as rewards from Kickstarter projects, or from your favorite board game store (just ask for Small Box Games!).

We truly appreciate your business, and we look forward to seeing your name on an order soon!