An Action Selection, Strategy Card Game for 2 Players


$11.99 ($2.99 PNP)





2 Players - 30 Minutes

Player Interaction Level:



56 Poker Sized Cards

(310 GSM, BlackCore, Linen)



Daryl Toh, Sandro Rybak



John Clowdus

Lords is a two player card game set in the world of SoulFall.


Each player is in charge of a fledgling tribe, growing in numbers and power along the shore of a strange land. By worshiping the four remaining fickle Lords of this peculiar land, players can expand their tribe, build temples, gather powerful shells, and pledge their allegiance to the four Lords, all in hopes of being the most powerful tribe.


Each turn, the Active player chooses 2 Actions and performs them.  The other player then selects an unchosen Action.


Beseech or Deify the Lords.  Prospect for Shells to gain points or abilities.  Help your tribe to Flourish by gaining Followers or building Citadels.  Meditate to draw more cards.


Once all Shells or all Followers are gone, or no Temples remain, the game ends. Players gain points for the cards in their Tribe.


This is a card only game.  The rules are available for screen or print.  Provide your own box.

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