A Worker Placement, Kingdom Building Card Game for 2 Players


$11.99 ($2.99 PnP)





2 Players - 30 Minutes

Player Interaction Level:



56 Poker Sized Cards

(310 GSM, BlackCore, Linen)



John Ariosa,  Oliver Howe



John Clowdus

Cartouche Dynasties is two player, combo-driven, worker placement card game where players vie to forge the greatest Kingdom in Ancient Egypt by playing God cards to acquire and play additional Dynasty cards to gain abilities and points.


Each player represents either Upper or Lower Egypt, respectively. There are six God cards, and each Age, four of these cards are available to the players. God cards are selected and played to the four face up Dynasty decks. Each God card allows the player to obtain cards from the decks or play cards they have acquired to their Kingdom.


The Dynasty deck includes Structures, Followers, Statues, and Scarabs. Each card offers a special ability, as well as a unique scoring rule when the game ends. The Dynasty cards synergize with each other, allowing players to form combos.


Additionally, sometimes Dynasty cards can be played face down into the player’s Scrolls, which grant them points at the end of the game based on the cards in their Scrolls.


This is a card only game.  The rules are available for screen or print.  Provide your own box.