2 Players - 30 Minutes

​Print and Play - $2.50

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JJ Ariosa

Liz Lahner

Jason Benningfield 



John Clowdus


Grimoor is a two player, single deck card game. Each player controls a Horde, as well as three Strongholds. Over the course of three Conflicts, players use their actions to play Cohorts a variety of ways, including combo-based abilities, unlocking powerful Curios, and build Strongholds, with each choice having the potential to score points, set up additional combos, or end the Conflict.

Grimoor reimplements the combo driven card play of Hordes of Grimoor, with a heavier emphasis on combos, card play, and multiple scoring avenues, with a quicker game tempo and more fluid in-game scoring choices, as well as updated graphic design.