2 Players - 30 Minutes

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Daryl Toh 



John Clowdus


In Hemloch: Dark Promenade, each of the two players heads an ancient house in the city of Hemloch. With nights that last for years and cults that await the coming sunrise, Hemloch is a peculiar city, inhabited by even more peculiar denizens. Players use these minions to assert their influence across the city, gaining control of different districts.

Hemloch: Dark Promenade is played over a series of three weeks (i.e., rounds). Each week, the players take turns playing minion cards from their hands to their avenues to gain influence, take districts, and thwart the other player's plans. At the end of three weeks, the game ends and the player with the most points wins.

This is a rerelease of 2017's Hemloch: Dark Promenade with a few small adjustments.