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2 Players.  30 Minutes.  55 Cards.


In SOULFALL, the 6 powerful Lords brought the world back from the brink of destruction and are worshipped as gods.  In this combo building card game for 2 players, each player leads a

fledgling tribe rebuilding after the near end.  Using 3 Action cards and multi-use Lord cards, players will call upon the Lords for help, expand their tribe, and search for shards of the old world. 


Each Lord card can potentially be played 4 different ways: played for its ability, as a Devotion, as a Shard, or as a Nomad.

There are no points in Soulfall; the game ends and a player wins if they have a certain number and/or type of cards.

This is a card only, two player adaptation of the original 2015 Soulfall board game.  This adaptation, while it loses the board, as well as some of the original game's timing weirdness and confusing scoring, utilizes multi-use cards and the same action system to replicate the original in a quick playing, combo driven, card only game for two players.


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Illustrations - Sandro Rybak

Design - John Clowdus

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