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2 Players.  30 Minutes.  55 Cards.

In the Valkyrie Incident of 3030, CogDrives (mechanized battle suits) were used extensively in the conflict to turn the tides of war. 

In CogDrive Neon, two players compete to recruit and deploy CogDrive cards to unify their reserves and win the clash.  This is a deck building game utilizing multi-use cards which provide multiple paths to scoring, and at the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.


Each CogDrive drive can be used to recruit additional CogDrive cards for the player's deck, discarded for a special ability, or played to the player's side of the Clash.  Each CogDrive features one of four colors, and the OverDrive mechanic allows players to get even more out of their played CogDrive cards.


$3 Print & Play

$15 Preorder

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Illustrations - Muang Thuta

Design - John Clowdus

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