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Hey!  I'm John Clowdus.  Thank you for checking out my games!

Since 2007 I've been designing and releasing weird, small games.  With the exception of illustrations (and actual printing/manufacturing), Small Box Games is a one person show.  The games I make are all domestically manufactured, usually in small print runs. 

While all of my games have been small by industry standards, as of 2022, my design focus is on small footprint, 54 card games in a tuckbox.  These games are available as preorders through this site, and on Kickstarter projects.

To keep up to date on what Small Box Games is working on, please follow SBG on Instagram, become a fan on Facebook, or join the conversation on!

Whether you've been around since 2007, or you're just now checking out my games, thank you for taking a look at what I make!

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