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2 Players.  20-30 Minutes.  55 Cards.

An Empty Throne is a two player card game pitting players against each other to unite the lands under their own rule and secure their claim to the throne. An Empty Throne was designed to be quick playing and accessible. With a basic understanding of the card types, their roles, and their parts, the game can be played using the Player Reference cards and prompts on The Tombs and Field cards.

In this quick playing, combo driven game, players use their two Actions each turn to play (or move/exchange) Kith cards from their hand to the three Fields and The Tombs to acquire additional Kith cards and/or trigger abilities, create coalitions, secure the Fields, and score points.

On a player’s turn, they must select two Actions, and may not select the same Action twice in a single turn:

When the game ends, players score points:

2 points for each of their flipped Fields
1 point for each Field where they have at least 12 Value
2 points if they have at least 12 Value at The Tombs
1 point for each revealed Refuge Bonus Kith card in their hand.


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Illustrations - Agum Budianto

Design - John Clowdus

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