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2 Players.  30 Minutes.  55 Cards.


In The Shadow of Atlas is a combo-building card game for two players. 


In a future where humanity has left the Sol system, players will use Credits and representatives of the six Orders to develop Atlas and its four satellite planets, become Arbiter, and build Orbital Outposts.

The game is played over a series of alternating player turns.  Each turn, the player taking their turn will follow the text of their Sequence card, allowing the player to use the Order cards in their hand, along with their Credits, to take Expand, Survey, and Venture Actions and use Abilities, develop the Planets, and build Orbital Outpost. 


Each Action taken brings the player closer to victory.


$3 Print & Play

$15 Preorder

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Illustrations - Aaron Nakahara

Design - John Clowdus

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