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2 Players.  30 Minutes.  55 Cards.

From tin and copper, civilization was born.

Bronze Age is a single deck, two player card game, pitting players against each other to build the strongest civilization in the ancient Mediterranean.


Players acquire multi-use cards from several decks, utilizing Action Cards (tied to each of the games 3 different Territory types) that provide different bonuses based on where and how they're played.


While both players are concerned with exploring, prospering, and building their society, each player will also focus on two of the four other aspects during the game, granting them unique abilities for the game.


As players add cards to their civilizations, they gain abilities and potential scoring for the end of the game, with the player scoring the most points winning the game.


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$15 Preorder

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Illustrations - Liz Lahner

Design - John Clowdus

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