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2 Players.  30 Minutes.  55 Cards.


CACTI is a set collection card game for 2 players using multi-use cards (the front of each card is a Cacti, the back a Sale). Players alternate taking turns either Growing (acquiring) Cacti cards from the middle to the Nursery (play area), or using Sale cards to sell the Cacti they already have. 

When the game ends, each player reveals their Wholesale card from their hand and follows its text.  Each player gains points:


1 point for each Cacti card under their Wholesale card.

1 point for each Cacti card under the Special Sale card.

Various points for any Sale cards in their Nursery.


Finally, each player loses points equal to the number of Cacti cards in their Nursery multiplied by the different types of remaining Cacti cards in their Nursery.  The player with the most points wins.

This is a new edition of the 2020 Cacti card game.  While the core gameplay remains the same, there have been improvements made, both graphically and mechanically.


$3 Print & Play

$15 Preorder

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Illustrations - Liz Lahner

Design - John Clowdus

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