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1 Player.  10-15 Minutes.  Print and Play.


2022 Golden Geek Nominated!

Copperdale is a print-and-play, half-sheet, flip-and-write game. In this solo game, you use the game board, a pencil, and a standard deck of playing cards to manage and advance the town and inhabitants of Copperdale. After twelve months (turns), you earn medals for the improvements you've made.

Each month, one card at a time, you reveal and assign three cards from the top of the deck to the 1-ECONOMY, 2-INFRASTRUCTURE, and 3-GROWTH segments of the board, in any order you choose. Then, in the above order, you resolve those cards, filling in spaces based on the cards you assigned to each segment.

Each card's suit and value matters, and depending on where you assign it, you fill in spaces on the board. Each space you fill hopefully leads to more medals at the end of the game. From learning occupations to expanding the city's borders, everything you do has the potential to unlock medals! However, with the design having slight rogue-like elements and a bit of press your luck, there's no guarantee you'll ever get the card you want — or that the next card you reveal will be better than the last.


$5 Print & Play

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Illustrations - Katie Ponder

Design - John Clowdus

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