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2 Players.  30-45 Minutes.  54 Cards.

Alien Organisms strive to live around the watering holes.

ExoFauna/Duo is a two player card game (one part area control, one part tile-laying, and one part combo building).  Each player has a deck of 24 Organisms (8 unique Organisms), each with their own Instinct and Adaptation.  During the player's turn, they get to play two Organisms from their hand next to either Watering Hole (each Watering Hole can have 8 Organism cards - 1 for each side).

When an Organism is played next to a Watering Hole, its Instinct is always used (either Scavenger, Predator, or Swarming), granting the player a special ability.  Then, if the played Organism is the *only* Organism of that name at that Watering Hole, the player may use its Adaptation (unique to the Organism), which can trigger a number of combos and additional effects.

After playing an Organism and following the above, any Watering Hole with 8 Organisms is resolved and awarded to one of the players.


The first player with 2 claimed Watering Holes wins!


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Illustrations - Aaron Nakahara

Design - John Clowdus

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