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You may be the greatest hero the isles have ever seen: your cunning unmatched; your ingenuity unfailing; your leadership unquestioned. You have no equal... aside from your sibling.

As half-god children of the Olympians, the deathless have posed a contest to determine the greatest of their mortal offspring: sack three cities where the gods have hidden powerful Kraters, each infused with their own divine power.

From soldiers and beasts to seers and muses, mustering forces to sack these cities is only a few coins away.  While recovering the Kraters lies at the heart of the gods' contest, they may also be impressed by the triumphs you accomplish at the city steps, and the company you keep might help to sway their choice of a victor.


Only one will join the Olympians.  The other will fade into antiquity as another forgotten spawn of the gods.

"Omen has been one of my favorite games for over a decade. ...this is the most I've enjoyed Omen in a long time. That's saying a lot." - Dan Thurot | Space-Biff (


The Omen games are a series of two player card games set in mythic Greece (and the Mediterranean).  Each Omen game in this series is a small footprint, standalone card game of competing half-god siblings bent on sacking 3 Cities and impressing the Olympian Gods.  Illustrated by Aaron Nakahara and designed by John Clowdus.

Each Omen game is a standalone, two player card game.  Each standalone game features 22 Unique Unit cards and 6 Unique Krater cards, with each game offering new combinations of Traits, effects, and combos. 


Each standalone Omen game is fully compatible with all new (2024) Omen games from Small Box Games; and the different games can be combined various ways.


The current Omen games (Songs of Far Shores | Omen Game 1, Banks of The Styx | Omen Game 2, and Whispers of The Muse | Omen Game 3) are available exclusively through  These games will never be available in retail; online or otherwise.  Omen Games 4-8 will be available via short preorders on this site as they are released over the next few years, after which they will  be available exclusively through

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